It’s Time to Get Back to What Matters

In this wealthy and abundant Country, we frequently take for granted the wonderful things we have.  We treat our loved ones with disrespect, we complain about minor issues, we get upset with strangers over insignificant matters, we spend money on obsessions that are meaningless, we give up too easily, we blame and hurt the people who love us the most, and we beat up on ourselves when things go wrong. 

In turn, we lose site of the fact that our loved ones are the ones who matter and we should love them instead, we should attack the small issues…or ignore them, smile at the strangers, buy what matters or give to charity,  try until we win…because rejection is merely redirection, and take responsibility for everything in our lives.  We should learn the lessons right in front of us, see the opportunities that are presenting themselves, and love ourselves and life enough to try one more time….over and over again.

So many people in many countries have nothing that we do here in America.  They don’t have food, freedom, quality of life, the ability to choose, abundance of any kind, homes, medical treatment, and it goes on and on.  What could we possibly have to complain about in a Country where we can go from nothing to everything, from poverty to millionaire, from lack to abundance simply because we have the freedom and resources to do, be and have anything.

It breaks my heart to see people treat other people with such disrespect and lack of love as to disregard their being.  And especially it breaks my heart to see loved ones treat their loved ones this way. I don’t know why this happens, but it does.  Somewhere alone their road they were led astray through instant gratification and tainted values and they desperately need to get back on track with what is important…before it is too late.  We need to get back to what matters…because the things that matter are the meaning in your lives.  All the rest means nothing.  So love the people in your lives.  It will make you and them feel so much better.  There’s nothing better than hearing  “I love you” from someone you love