A Guarantee to Feel Better…

Photo:  Thomas Mangelsen

You have each day within your ability to embrace this day however you want.  You can choose to live it to the fullest or drag through waiting for it to end.  We have the choice to live out of our truths, our values, our beliefs, our dreams.


You may have troubles, sadness, tragedy, struggles but you still have a choice to make the most of your day, the most of your attitude, the most of who you are inside. 


If you get out into the world and enjoy the many gifts it has to offer you will enjoy this day more than if you isolate yourself inside your house focusing on your problems.


If you smile at people or open a door for someone or say hello to a child or help someone with what they are doing and are friendly with everyone you meet, I can guarantee you will feel better for it.   If you enjoy the weather, watch nature, feel glad to be alive, keep the attitude positive, and believe in tomorrow, I can guarantee you will feel better for it.


If you call a friend or a relative and talk about nothing,  treat yourself  to something you enjoy,  play with your children, play with your animals, spend time volunteering for the less fortunate, I guarantee you will feel better for it. 


Life can be difficult at times, and we are sometimes slammed by the unexpected.  But live is a short journey that we are here to live.  We can go through it grabbing for the wonderful things all around us or we can go through it dreading the days.  If you look for the good, the positive, the fun, the smiles, the beauty, the opportunities, I can guarantee you will feel better for it.


A positive, hopeful attitude can be difficult at the times we are suffering life’s downturns and it is equally difficult to keep the faith.  But If you learn the lesson, embrace the unexpected opportunity, cherish the memories of what is now gone, accept your new world as a new chapter, find ways to use your experience to help others, and open yourself to the meaning, I guarantee you will feel better for it. 


Life is all about attitude.  We can choose to love, live, learn, laugh, grow, give, feel, touch, see, hear, taste all life has to offer…..or not.  I guarantee you will feel better if you choose to live this life out of an attitude that the world is an abundant place.


Focus on priorities every day.  Know what is important to you, live it and you will always have it with you. Be who you are and if you don’t like who you are, fix yourself.  Everyone is special, everyone has a talent, everyone has something to offer the world, everyone has love to give to someone…a love that could turn another person around.  Find you worth, your passion, your talent, your love and give it.  Be true to who you are, your beliefs, values, truths, passions and dreams and do not let malice attack them.  If you do that I can guarantee you will feel better for it.


And let go of anything negative that brings you down, it is not worth spending your time thinking about what makes you feel bad.   


Living life is loving, giving, laughing, learning, growing, taking chances, being active, grabbing onto the opportunities, surrounding yourself with people, opening up, letting go, moving on.   Pay attention to the coincidences, the things you almost didn’t do, the signs and messages and realizations that seem to come out of nowhere.  They are actually fait leading us towards a brighter future. 

 Written November 2006