Life Really Does Go By Fast…So What Are You Waiting For?

I remember the first time someone said this to me and I was full of instant answers.  I didn’t have money, or time, or resources, or help, and I was too young…so, of course I was…waiting!  Today I look back and realize I had all I needed at that moment…except for one thing.  I didn’t have the confidence in my vision to go after what I wanted so I settled in excuses.  The idea was there, the passion was there, the dream was there, but I felt that the responsibilities of my life took precedence.

Well responsibilities are important but they don’t need to stand in the way of your dreams.  You can start in some small way right now.  It’s amazing how when you actually do make the decision to turn that corner how life opens up for you and all you need starts to appear.  It’s as if your decision to just do it was all you needed. 

So here’s my message.  You don’t need to wait until you graduate, get the job, get married, pay off the bills, when the kids move out, when you retire, when your health is better, when your problems are over, or for tomorrow.  You can start right now even if only envisioning and strategizing in your mind. 

If you are waiting for tomorrow and not pursuing what your heart yearns for today, I have to wonder why?  Life really does go by fast.  What are you waiting for?