New Life

I recently had someone I know make the comment to me that “when people lose everything, they die inside”.  I had to stop and think about that for a minute, because…what is everything, and what is loss?  Life is a journey of accomplishments and starting over.  It is a journey of finding and letting go. It is a journey of new and then old.  Life is a journey of change…always. 

 Loss is something that is very personal.  It starts with where we come from and what we have experienced.  Pain is real though perception plays a big part.  As with anything in life, what we experience and what we feel we have lost is about attitude.  I’ve know people who have lost the ultimate of all losses…a loved one.  These losses are heartbreaking, and I don’t know if there is an answer or a healing from this kind of loss.  However, are we not better off for having known that person?  Are we not better off for the memories of how they contributed to our lives?  The loss is devastating but would you trade their being a part of your life just to never have experienced that loss?  This one is difficult for me because I have known people who have lost children and that has got to be the greatest pain and the greatest loss in life.  However, every one of these friends moved forward to experience more life, new family and new love.  Somehow…it is all a part of the great design.

 And having experienced any other kind of loss…seems insignificant in comparison.  We lose jobs, and money and homes and belongings and….so what…they mean little in comparison to what matters.  But most importantly, this kind of loss is direction.  This kind of loss is the Universe whispering that there is something bigger out there we need to search for.  That there is something more out there we long for…that our loss is actually the opportunity we’ve been waiting for so our dreams can materialize.  I’ve been there.  I’ve lost jobs, and money, my home, and what seemed to be my life at the time.  But in the experience, I found myself.  I found my passion, my purpose and my direction.  I defined what mattered to me and what I deeply loved.  My losses shaped my future so that future could give me more of what actually resonated with who I am and how I desire to live.

 So the next time you feel you’ve lost everything…don’t die inside. Do something wonderful with your loss. Many people have created extraordinary lives from loss.  Many people have turned their pain into altruistic endeavors to help others, and thus, finding their place in the great design of life. When we experience pain we are changed forever.  Through pain we find a deeper sense of what we value.  So know instead that loss is your great opportunity.  The loss is, in reality, your new direction and your new life.