From The Beginning…

Tree of Dreams by Peter Lik

I read a great article this morning on the site Positively Positive, Make it Happen: 6 Steps to Crossing Anything Off Your Bucket List and more…

This article made me think about conversations I have frequently with my children.  I tell my children when it comes to going after your dreams, do it from the beginning. My children and I know many young people….and some not-so-young people still searching for life and what is it all about?  I emphasize with my children about the importance of going after your dreams now…with no excuses.  This especially includes what a person chooses to do with their career life.  Way too many people start out in a job they get stuck in, that they never wanted, only to be there years later.  Their dreams are still only dreams, their passions are dormant, their needs are unfulfilled, and they go through the motions on a daily basis living a life way beneath them that they never wanted.  Why?

I admire the person who lives in their car while going after their dreams.  These people are surely going to realize those dreams because they have the passion and persistence to do whatever it takes to get there.  You have to want something different than what everyone else is doing.  You have to want what resonates with you.  You have to turn off the negative chatter from other people who have no motivation to take that untraveled road, and you have to know that what your heart wants is the dream that is waiting to be born. You have to want this bad enough to not let anything stop you from getting it.

Most people don’t have the confidence to take that detour away from the norm.  They lack inner vision and resolve and give up way too easily.  Then they settle for what they don’t want, hate life and wonder why.  This is nothing but self-imposed, self-betrayal. I believe in miracles.  I believe that every person has a calling and a purpose.  I believe that dreams are more than just a passive vision.  Dreams are our birthright and we owe it to ourselves to do whatever it takes to pursue what is genuinely a part of who we are. Dreams are precious and they are not to be messed with.

 So as I highlight with my children over and over again, start from the beginning in going after what you really want to do.  Start asking those deep questions.  What is important to You?  What makes You passionately want to get out of bed every morning?  What brings You fulfillment and happiness?  What is authentically You?  What can You do to bring value to and help others as anything less will not bring you authentic joy?  I wish I had gone after my dreams when I was my children’s age.  However, it’s never too late as many people have reinvented themselves late in life.

So what’s my message?  If you are young, go after what you deeply desire to do with your life now…from the beginning and the money and fulfillment will follow.  And if you are older and bored with where you are, wonderful vistas await when you decide to change and go after what you know you were meant to do.  Anything is possible.  Yes, there is risk, fear, doubt, worry, and uncertainty, but these are the emotions that make you feel alive as you pursue what can only be accomplished by you. No matter what your age, what has been in your life up till now has nothing to do with what still can be.  Velinda