Attitude…The Great Secret of Life


People with bad attitudes don’t get very far in life. All things being equal, attitude wins.

I know, I know…we hear all the time about the Power of Attitude.  But no matter how much the world exposes the concept of a positive attitude, I meet people who are hell-bent on possessing a negative attitude.  Some people have such a propensity to look at their world with constant negativity and gloom from the minute they get out of bed.  In addition, frequently bad attitudes involve anger, depression and other negative emotions.  These people blame their lives and lack on bad experiences or past disappointments…thus never accepting responsibility for their fate, and react as though everything in the future will mirror the past.  And the influence from negative people…especially on children is a primary factor as to why we develop negative attitudes in the first place.  Negative people have such an uncanny way of draining the life out of people they are around. 

According to Dr. Phil McGraw, every person you meet either contributes to or contaminates your life.  These grumpy Eeyores go through life every day feeling miserable.  All they think about is cynicism, doubt, distrust, disbelief, pessimism, hate, blame, and negativity, negativity, negativity, etc.  They have no self-esteem (because no one with self-esteem would choose this), no self-acceptance, no confidence, and little love for themselves.

Attitude spills over into every area of life…thinking, actions, behavior, and outcome…and yet negative people wonder why life is always so unfulfilling.  Well, nothing positive is going to come from thinking negative. 

Do you really want to go through life always having to accept the nonsense your negative attitude lays before you?  There’s a better way by simply changing your attitude and choosing to be happy.

I decided to write this today because negative people and all the negative energy that surrounds them can make you sick. Who wants to live like that…I don’t!  Negativity is a life-sucker and I don’t want to be around it or the people who live there.  Sometimes the only thing you can do is say goodbye.

Stand up for your right to be happy and to be around happy people.

“The most powerful, peaceful and liberating adjustment you could possibly make for yourself is to change any attitude of negativity into positivity. Attitude can free or imprison you, make dreams come true, help you find the right love, see opportunity in tragedy, joy in sadness, love in the midst of hate, and believe today in reasons you may not understand until tomorrow. Attitude actually will bring you a life of abundance or deprivation, heaven or hell, happiness or misery. With proper attitude you go in a different direction, open up to opportunity, and see your world with abundance, beauty and possibility. And by embracing a positive attitude, you change your life for the better” (partial excerpt from my book)

“Hate and “drama” uses up so much energy that could be used to enjoy life.  Life truly is too short to be angry and negative all the time”  Linda Schott