What I’ve Learned from Life…Anger is Pain in Disguise

Anger is simply pain in disguise.  The person who is angry is crying out in the wrong way because they are hurting.  They are likely very sensitive. Does that make anger excusable or tolerable?  No!  But it may make it understandable.  


The reality is that anger accomplishes nothing.  The problems are still there and the solutions are ignored.  All the person does is act out the pain.  Usually the people they take their anger out on are not the ones they are actually angry at.  In fact, they are likely the people they love and trust the most to still love them after they have expressed their behavior.


Look deeper at the anger and try to find the real problem.  When the angry person faces the real truth of why they are angry in the first place and then looks for solutions, the anger can be turned around.  These people need love and compassion the most even though they seem to deserve it the least.