My Idea of Success

I was recently asked by one of my viewers to post about success.  I wrote definitively about success in my book because, in my opinion, the principles of success apply to life as well.  So here’s my best on success:

Attitude:  If you are tired of hearing about attitude, you probably haven’t mastered it yet.  Attitude will make or break life for you.  Attitude applies to everything including success.  How you think about the success you are trying to attain, how you feel about yourself, how you feel about all the people who will try to discourage your success, etc., all have to do with attitude.  Firstly, have an attitude that you are going to make it, that nothing will discourage you, and you will be successful.  Attitude is also about how you feel about yourself.  If you need to step back from life for awhile to “find” yourself, do so.  There is no room for a lack of self esteem or confidence in business or any area of success.

Persistence and Determination:  Aside from attitude, which applies to all life, persistence and determination are the magic ingredients that get you where you want to go.  Most roads to success are lined with disappointment, hurdles and failure.  But that’s all normal.  The problem is most people give up when they encounter any of the above and that is why they fail.  Knowing that it won’t be easy and the having determination to persist in spite of the block walls and trials will get you there even if it takes years.  Most people who succeed at any venture they are pursuing have encountered obstacles.  It takes many years of sticking to  your dream and overcoming the obstacles that all lead to success.

Learn how to Treat People:  Again, this applies to all life including success, love relationships, friendships, family…all people you deal with.  If you are not adept at meeting needs, understanding, fairness, and making people feel great, you will not succeed in any area of life.  The way you treat people is huge and determines not only success in all relationships but happiness as well.  Learn to treat all people with respect and make them feel important and your business will continue to grow.  People are your business and people are your life.

Integrity and Doing the Right Thing:  We’ve heard it said that the customer is always right.  Well actually they aren’t always right.  Some people like to complain and are using.  However, give them the benefit of the doubt if that is what you have to do because you never know who they will refer to you because you did.  Reputation matters in business.  No one likes to be duped.  Even people who are difficult to get along with will remember you if you do what is in their best interest.  That doesn’t mean you allow yourself to be taken advantage of.  But once in awhile you may have to give a freebie in order to keep a customer.  And you can better live with yourself when you have integrity.

Don’t let Anyone Trample on Your Dreams:  This will happen.  There are people who can’t relate to your dreams and will be discouraging.  However, it is your fault if you let them discourage you.  Just because they can’t relate to the success story that you can become doesn’t mean your dreams won’t happen. Ignore the doubts of others and surround yourself with people who support and encourage your dreams, even if they can’t relate to them.

Passion:  As in any pursuit in life, it is important is to have a passion for what you do.  Passion is what wakes you up in the morning and motivates you out of bed.  Passion will drive you when life seems hopeless.  Passion (and love) is the best motivation you can have in life and makes all the difference in attaining your dreams. Passion is your vision of the future. You have to love what you do to totally put yourself into it every day.  Otherwise, your job is just going through the motions while you wait for retirement.  Who wants to live like that?  And remember, passion and your dreams are more important than money and will bring about  success quicker than chasing the dollar.

If you apply all these principles you will be successful in any area of life.