The Win-Win of Unconditional Love


My daughter loves cats.  She calls herself the crazy cat lady at her tender age of 23. 

In our homes our family has 5 cats right now and she loves unconditionally all of them.  The oldest cat spends her time hiding under the bed or in the cupboard all day and isn’t very friendly.  But my daughter calls her Princess.  She has a huge 18 pound cat that has an aggressive personality and scratches my daughter too often.  My daughter calls him her little Prince.  We have two new Tortie sister kittens that my son found homeless and starving several weeks ago.  (In our family we cannot walk away from a starving animal.)  My daughter thinks they have the most beautiful faces, so much so that she named one of them Bella. And our last cat is the best looking with the most gentle nature, but he has numerous health problems that need constant attention.  My daughter loves him just the way he is and calls him Mr. Perfect. It doesn’t matter to her what their temperament is or how imperfect they may be, she loves them unconditionally and sees only their beauty.  Over the years we’ve had and lost a multitude of cats and my Daughter immediately loved and accepted every one of them.  They are all saves and none of them have been pure-breeds.

In watching her with her cats and realizing how unconditional her love is for them, I had one of those ahha moments about the beauty of unconditional love.  The win-win of unconditional love is that we give to the cats and they return it to us.  These precious little creatures have love and a home and in return give us love and joy.  They do this naturally because they can sense our love for them and they trust us.  So it is a never ending circle of love that keeps coming back around.

Isn’t this the nature of unconditional love?   We accept someone or something just as they are and relieve the anxiety and expectation of judgment and perfection.  We surrender to everything they are naturally, and live with the beauty of giving love for exactly who they are.  And in return, we feel the love we give and it is given back.  Unconditional love is so much more powerful and amazing than any other kind of love.  It’s an acceptance of a person or animal just the way they are.   We then experience their beauty from the best of who they are because they can relax in the knowing that we don’t expect from them anything other than their authentic nature.  And so the love we give keeps coming back around in that endless circle.

PS:  Please be a responsible pet owner.  Animals love us deeper than some humans do and their love is always unconditional.  There are enough starving and homeless animals out there and I hope you deal responsibly with this issue.