Stay Out of Fear and in Faith

To change results, focus on changing who you are being…not what you are doing.  Leaps of faith require you to grow and change.  You can only grow as far as your greatest fear.  If you can’t grow any farther you can’t go any farther.  It is your biggest fear that you have to break through to get to the next level of your personal success.  That next big success you are envisioning is a huge door with everything you want on the other side.  What opens that door is you moving through the insecurities, fears and doubts that you have to part with in order to step into your greatness.  It is particular to only you and your personal journey of growth. The success you seek will only come when you move through the fear.

The thing about fear is that it isn’t real or true….it is what you perceive is uncomfortable. You…growing, shining and living in your divine purpose is truth.  When you decide you will accomplish what set out to, you will see your fear start to fade away.

The above influenced by Ali Brown