What I’ve Learned From Life…About Starting Over

I wrote this for one of my son’s friends who is starting over with his life and thought I’d share it

I know you say you are changed and have learned the lessons from your destructive ways. I know you have plans and you say you are ready. 

Now you have to walk your talk.  We will know how serious you are about your talk by what you do from this day forward. 

Yes, it’s time to put 150% of the destructive past behind you, grow up and create a beautiful life for yourself.  No more excuses, no more waiting periods, no more I’ll do it tomorrow. There is a wonderful life out there waiting for you unlike the past, but YOU have to go get it and not let anything stop you. 

You can be, do and have anything you want with the right attitude and appropriate action to get it.  The world is yours…it’s all up to you. 

Learn to stand on your own two feet and depend on yourself as you know what you want more than anyone else.  Don’t depend on or wait for anyone to give life or your dreams to you.  And don’t allow anyone to discourage you if you are sure of what you want. Your dreams are important, even if they take a long time to realize.

Learn to say no to what you know is wrong for you and to stand up to the nonsense. And learn to say yes to life.  Remember the decisions you make determine your life.

Treat people with love, respect and consideration.  You can’t live without people, and the way you treat them will make a huge difference with your success in life…everything from  career to relationships. 

You have to have values, character and stand for something.  Otherwise your life is determined by the whims of others and you become powerless and weak.

And remember, you are worthy of a great life which is all within your power to have.