The Freedom of Discipline

I’m always amazed at people who believe that discipline and freedom are separate. Discipline is freedom. Discipline is about doing the right thing and avoiding the inevitable consequences of not doing the right thing.   Life is easier when you are tough on yourself… enough to give yourself the freedom of discipline. The opposites such as the act of avoidance, living in denial, laziness,  result in consequences and stress of multiple proportion compared to the common sense of discipline. 

If you want life to be good, you need to pay the price with hard work, common sense, and persistence.  Doing only what you want will get you little of what you need.  Discipline is responsibility, and planning with the appropriate action to achieve.  This is not only about a career, as the quest of personal goals can far surpass our means of making a living.  We all have so much potential, but the potential will die without discipline and motivation to bring it about.

You must do before you can be and you must be before you can have.

Do what others will not do and pay little attention to competition.  If you offer something of quality that is worthwhile, and treat others with respect, you don’t have to worry about the competition.  You can blaze a new idea  and grow to be the competition.

But always remember that freedom is the result discipline.

Affirmation:  I shall practice discipline every day to free myself.