Never Fear Rejection

“Rejection is merely re-direction.  All the no’s are leading up to the big ‘Yes'” *


Rejection is the number one fear humans have.  But the truth is that rejection holds us back from our dreams and the things we most want in life.  We fear rejection because we think if we are turned down it means we are not worth what it was that we were trying for.  But that fear is unreal.  We are the same wonderful person after the rejection as we were before.  In fact, trying in the face of rejection is courageous and admirable.  

failure not trying jordan“It’s not important if I win, but it is important that I try”  Velinda

Rejection is merely re-direction. 

The most important thing to grasp is that rejection is an answer and a new direction.  It is exactly what we needed to know in order to move on to something better, something bigger, or something that better resonates with who we are. 

Imagine the person who never tries only because they would not be able to accept rejection?  Imagine never going after what you really want because of an unrealistic fear? When people age they look back on their lives and regret the things they didn’t do and the things they didn’t try.  I can guarantee this…if they had those years to live over knowing what they now, rejection would not even be a consideration in going after what they wanted.

If you try and you are rejected…so what!  You tried…good for you!  If you don’t try and you leave your dreams and desires, you regret it later in life.  Now imagine if you tried and won!  How different and fulfilled would your life be?

Life is a numbers game and if you can’t accept the fact that the first one isn’t always the one, then you haven’t learned a valuable reality…we usually don’t get it the first time.

So here’s to rethinking about the meaning of rejection.  How important is it anyway? 

* Quote from my book This River Called Life, A Letter to My Children