12 Blessons

kris carlsonWe’ve arrived in 2013! We are here and all is well despite the many projections of fear that came from the end of the Mayan calendar. For sure, it is the end of life, as we knew it yesterday. But then again, every day ends and begins anew. That’s a beautiful feeling to wake up with. I look back on the year, and life has given me many challenges and also great blessings. I do my best to count both equally. In fact, a good friend of mine, the brilliant best selling author with the most beautiful posters on face book, Karen Salmansohn, has coined a term that I love that is the blessing in the lesson: “Blesson.”

 Here are twelve of my personal “blessons” in 2012:

  1. ‘True Friends’ are people who stick by me no matter what. They are there in grief and all my moments of celebration, too. I lean on them. They don’t judge me; in fact, they allow me to be a fallible human with quirks, fears and all the stuff that makes me vulnerable and imperfect. They see my best and my worst, and they “like” me anyways!

  2. Life brings initiatory challenges because I am a spiritual being living in a human form. The merging of form and spirit happens in human life and all its messiness and bliss. It’s not easy being human; in fact, it’s downright difficult at times. Just when I think I’m on track, as if out of nowhere, I feel uninspired or off course. What is that? My spirit knows what I need even if my mind doesn’t always agree because my ego is very convincing, otherwise. The big challenges are the ones that create DRAMA and force me to look closer at the aspects of my being that need fine tuning and character development. (When you’ve chosen the spiritual path, spirit rules and will slap you upside the head, if necessary, to get your attention.) If I’m going to stand as an example, then my tuning fork better be on pitch! My spirit calls me out to fine tune me and keep me awake. (In other words, I get my lessons. It’s up to me to see the blessing.)

  3. When my body feels balanced, I feel great! Conversely, the opposite is also true. This is a never-ending lesson to be learned and adjusted constantly. My body needs lots of movement and stretching to keep the energy in my system flowing freely and to keep my chakras clear and open. The body is the easiest thing for me to bring back into alignment because it is concrete and within my control. Eating healthy, live food and exercising and meditating every day are all necessities. When my body is in alignment my spirit soars!

  4. Age is an attitude. I’m 49 this year, and most days, I feel like I’m about ten years younger. When I am in harmony, I feel younger and more alive. Yoga and meditation are the best tools I know of to create the space within for greater feelings of peace. I plan to turn 50 with ease and grace and a spirit of adventure as I embrace the unknown with an ageless attitude.

  5. I can choose peace and happiness over stress, moment to moment. Those who know me well know that I’ve had lots of practice doing this! 🙂 I choose to be happy, no matter what’s going on in my life. (Thank you, Richard!)

  6. Social Media has a good side and a dark side. This year, I’ve been blessed my meeting some amazing people through social media! Social media has brought me all kinds of connections, new friends, colleagues and just good people coming together in community to share. I love that! Yet, there is also a dark side. I clearly see how social media and the Internet is like the Wild West, and is not to be taken for granted as a safe place. I’d like to see more laws passed and supported against the many crimes perpetrated using social media and the internet to harass and stalk.  

  7.  Fear prompts impulsive decisions. Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to make decisions when I slip into any kind of fear about my future. I’ve attended some business development courses and I’ve noticed that I have come home motivated by fear. Rather than make decisions from this place, I have learned to stop and pause and ask myself to wait to make decisions until I check in with myself. Then, if I’m not in fear, I lay out a mind map and plan of action.

  8. My heart speaks loudly when my mind is quiet. Speaking for the American Heart Association this year was a highlight for me, and I really understand, more than ever, how important it is for me to listen to the language of my heart.  When I use my mind to listen to my heart, there is free flowing communication between the two where my mind is the translator. Listening to my heart leads me to my passion and my passion leads me into my purpose.

  9. I can dream again. For a long time after Richard passed, I was afraid to have dreams of my own because it meant I was moving forward in my future without him. Thanks to Brendon Burchard’s Expert Academy and attending Marcia Wieder’s Dream University life coaching certification program, I am visioning my future, again. One where I am living my life on purpose: I am a vehicle of divine light and love. Now, I am a dream coach, too.

  10. Life works itself out. (The only problems that can’t be solved are the ones that kill you, and I haven’t had any of those yet.) I know that the things that are most difficult make me more resilient. As long as I embrace change, and I don’t resist what is, everything works out fine.

  11. I have learned to bounce. I value resiliency more than almost anything, and I define this as the ability to bounce back from adversity. It is also a great “blesson” to see that our circumstances don’t define us but rather reveal our true nature.

  12. LOVE heals everything. Divine love is the Great Mother and Father and is always present. Despite the fact that my ego wants to assume control, the more I surrender my ego to love, the more quickly I can move out of fear and return to love. The more love I am, the more grace I call into my life’s purpose and the better I can serve.  

 I know that 2013 will be full of “blessons” and I hope you have plenty of playtime and fun along the way! I plan to bring in the New Year with resiliency and grace-and bounce! I am not sweating the small stuff, but I am living the big stuff!