The Problem is not the Problem

Many times, what I write about is in direct response to someone I know who is dealing with an issue.  This is one of them…

The day you ACCEPT that your problems are your own is the beginning of their demise. 

It doesn’t matter where the problems came from, what happened to cause them, who may have played a part in causing them, or if you caused them yourself; they are now exclusively yours to deal with. Even if it was the story that never should have happened, it’s your story now. And when you accept this, you can transform any story into a better ending.

Problems seem ominous to some people so they cower and hide behind avoidance and procrastination hoping they will disappear.  And then the problem haunts you longer and harder than it would have had you dealt with it from inception.  Much of the time, this avoidance escalates the problem out of control when originally it was just small. I’ve seen people suffer for years from trying to avoid the necessity of handling life. 

But no one is going to change your life for you…and no one should.

When you decide to deal with life, many times you find that the problem wasn’t as overwhelming as you may have thought.  And mostly, you feel relieved and courageous for tackling what needed to be done.  It just doesn’t make sense when there is so much self-confidence that comes from stepping up to what life hands you and then transforming it into something wonderful.

 the problem and attitude