Today is the Day I Start Over

“When you step up to life and say here I am, life will step up to you and say take me” Velinda

giving up starting over

No More Waiting

No more over planning, over thinking or getting ready to get ready. 

No more worrying about what other people will think or comparing myself to those ahead of me. 

No more fear or worry about will I make it. 

No more doubting myself and what I have to offer.  I am unique and my story serves a purpose to help others. 

No more suffering with heartache because circumstances are not optimal in my life.  (No more hiding from life because this kind of suffering is too high a price to pay to keep life and dreams on hold). 

No more keeping my dreams in moth balls for tomorrow…always tomorrow.

No more living without passion and enthusiasm in what I do…every day.

No more neglecting my needs.

No more waiting for answers… the answers are emerging but we don’t necessarily recognize them while buried in the struggle.  Answers will come faster if I jump into life.

No more dreaming and planning without action. In the midst of struggle and uncertainty there is opportunity, but you have to take action.

No more entertaining thoughts of giving up or allowing the inevitable fluctuations of life to stop me.  People are sad one day and happy the next…but the sad days don’t mean you stop.  If anything, sad days mean you push harder so they will end sooner.  Yes, healing has a time frame; however, to wallow in pain only keeps life frozen longer.


Today is the day I start over and change my life for the better. 

I want new life.

I deserve new life.

No excuses.

I’m worth it and the people I love are worth it.


follow your heart

What I’ve Learned from Life: by Velinda

“Follow your heart and think bigger than the lifestyle you are slaving away for. If you jump outside of your box and commit to a bigger life, the world will say “Yes” and support you” Pam Grout

Nothing stays the same, life is always changing.  This is one of the best laws to remember when life has caved in on you.

There are life cycles and seasons for everything. With cycles, what dies in winter is reborn again in spring. With the loss you experience comes rebirth and new life. Especially in times of turmoil, you seek desperately the answers. You need to be patient and relax when you are numb from the storms and learn to accept that there is new life ahead. There are new dreams to be dreamed, new emotions to feel, and new relationships to love.  Life is always changing and always evolving.  You can’t fight the natural rhythm or the wisdom of the River.

There is magic in taking that first step.  Taking that first step is the most difficult…yet it is the one step that will change your life. In simply starting, you allow your dreams to happen. You don’t have to know how what you need will appear, it just will when you take the first step. Take action through knowledge, self-analysis, growing, and staying away from self-destructive ways.

“Allow life to happen. Accept reality and the natural order and destiny of things…that there is a reason you don’t fully understand yet. Sometimes the strangest and most painful things work out for the best. All will be well, better than you think.”  Melody Beattie

The only constant in the world around you is change. To see a difference in your life, do not wait on time, as you must bring it about yourself. Taking that first step is the most difficult…yet it is the one step that will change your life. You have to have an unwillingness to compromise your dreams. You have to believe you are entitled and deserving, and you have to be committed and persevering. Remove whatever blocks your path and accept responsibility for the part you can play. Any fear you may feel will be temporary, but the regret for not changing will last forever. In change and starting over, you have to begin without knowing how it will turn out and trust that all the next steps will show up. There is power is simply starting. You have the power to choose, and you have the power to change.

 “All I knew is that I couldn’t live like this any longer. Life was a living hell and I was a walking dead person. I had no future that would be any different from today. I didn’t know what to do, how to start, where to go, who to turn to and I didn’t care. I had to get out of where I was in life and now. I deserved better, I wanted better and I was going to find it. It didn’t matter how long it took, what obstacles I would face once I made the decision to change, or what more I would lose. I had lost my life and I wanted it back…more extraordinary than ever before. I had paid my dues and now it was my turn.” Elizabeth

The above “What I’ve Learned from Life” are excerpts and quotes from my book “This River Called Life, a Letter to My Children” available in print only from my website or available on Kindle as an e-book.