What are YOU going to do Today to Start Over

by:  Velinda Peyton

I know you hurt

I know it was a devastating loss

I know it was long and painful

I know you stood by helplessly watching your dreams die and your world crumble

I know you feel life has disappointed you

I know you are depressed

I know you are completely lost in yesterday’s collapse

So you find temporary escape in self-destructiveness

You alienate the very people who love you while passing time with those who don’t care

You have drifted away from your values

You have now done things you regret and are ashamed of

Too much time has gone by that you have been living in this isolation

So you hide and sleep to escape into dreams that will never be

You blame and evade responsibility because nothing matters now

You take it out on the most important people in your life because it is convenient, harming relationships that should only be closer now

And in your escape into self-destructive living to numb the pain, you wake just to find that your world of hurt is still there…much worse than before

I know you feel like giving up

And so you waste another day you can’t get back in yesterday’s pain

While your real dreams and life are passing you by

This is no way to live and you know it


But I also know this…


As deeply as you hurt is as deeply as you will love again

That grief allows you to see beauty that you never noticed before

That you are frozen in pain only because you allow yourself to be

That your dreams are still alive, just different now

That expectations play a huge part in how you perceive disappointment

That life is not over, it is simply taking you in a new direction

That giving up is giving up on yourself and all the life that can be better than before

That the people who love you are suffering too from this misdirected selfishness

That self-destructiveness only makes it worse and longer

That life is amazing in how wonderfully it transforms after loss

That is astounding how much better things get after you are humbled by heartache

How beautiful the world is when you see it from different eyes after loss because you are now different

How you see the beauty and wonder of everything you never noticed before

How you cherish what you prior took for granted

How relationships become deeper

How life suddenly has a whole new meaning that is precious

That there is always tomorrow and tomorrow can be so much better…

Depending on what you do with it today

Destiny is not determined by what happened yesterday but by how you get up and recreate a better life today

It is determined by your willingness to say you matter irregardless of yesterday’s loss

That your dreams and future are worth the strife…not if, but…

Until they happen

So what are you going to do today to pick yourself up and start over?

new life rasmussed

Photo from:  Christina Rasmussen, www.secondfirsts.com