“When you’re 18, you care about what everyone thinks about you. 

When you’re 40, you care about what some of the people thinks about you. 

When you’re 60 you don’t care what anyone thinks about you”


 I heard this quote about 10 years ago; and what I do know about it now is that the older a person grows, the more they realize what other people think about you is not important.

 I like to watch toddlers and small children do the silly, funny things they do.  They don’t care what other people think.  They don’t even think about what other people think.  They’re free to be themselves.  They don’t burden themselves with incapacitating thoughts about what other people think.  This kind of debilitating thought process is more likely what you think other people are thinking about you, which is probably not the case.

 Does it really matter what someone you don’t know thinks (or you think they are thinking) about you?  Does it really matter what people you know think about you if they are not your friends?  Wouldn’t it feel better to just be yourself? 

 We should all embrace the attitudes of 60 year olds (and small children) now.