I don’t usually express my opinions on such heated topics as religion and politics…but now I have to and that’s what free speech is all about.

I’m afraid of Trump and what he is doing to America.  He’s an out of control, narcissistic, rogue dictator who is messing up our country.

Even those who voted for Trump need to see the light.  We all got sucked in by his grandiose campaign promises…visions he painted that would turn our country into a state of utopia. But so many things he promised were, unfortunately, out of reach and delusional.  Trump supporters need to stop defending his blunders because this is your country too.  And the truth is…he doesn’t know what he is doing! 

This in no way means I supported Clinton.  The reality is that this had to be one of the worst campaigns in history with poor choices of candidates on both sides. Trump, at the time, just seemed to be the lesser of two evils…now I’m not so sure.  The campaign debates were embarrassing where both candidates spent more time disparaging each other than focusing on issues.  I would think while watching…this is ridiculous…can’t we just start over with new candidates?

Trump never admits to anything he is accused of and every time he speaks, you have to wonder if any of it is the truth.  He surrounds himself with self-serving people like his family who also don’t know what they are doing.  Even the vice president and his press secretaries cover up for him and we have to wonder if we can believe or trust anything they say.  And if there is any threat of exposure…he just gets rid of the investigation.

I’m absolutely in support of deporting illegals who come to this country and commit crime…including those who suck our welfare system and don’t contribute or try to help themselves.  Those people determine their own consequences by their actions.  However, deporting illegals who are contributing and supporting themselves defies the standard of humanitarian decency. 

 Even though I, of course, feel the needs of this country come first and bringing back jobs is huge, we can’t sabotage ties with other countries like China and Mexico due to trade issues.  To do so is upsetting the flow of the way world order works as well as sanctions we need to keep to conserve peace between countries.

(If this country wants to better stimulate the economy for more people, change the way the lottery functions.  Instead of one person winning $350 million, how about 700 people winning half a million?  I’m sure the math geniuses who govern the lottery could figure out a way to spread the wealth more.  I know this has nothing to do with Trump, I’m just upset about how the lottery is managed).

But scariest of all is how Trump is putting our country at risk of war with the deranged, tyrannical dictator Kim Jong-Un…a person who is so irrational that there is no negotiating with.  Other countries are afraid of this as well, because to risk our security is to risk other nation’s security.  Yes, we need to maintain our reign of military prowess, however, we are already the strongest country in the world and we don’t need to prove that.  This situation needs to be tread lightly and yet Trump seems to be tempting North Korea.  And now that Americans are being detained in North Korea escalates these tensions even more to the point where we have to do something. Either way, this is a serious situation for the US and numerous other nations.  We can only hope Trump can properly handle this with better decisions than he has made in the past.

What should be a concern to everyone is that the world is laughing at us.  Almost every day there’s another article about how people and countries feel about Trump.  Anxiety, fear, entertainer, worried, scared, dangerous, ineptitude, shameful, reckless, a disaster…just to cite a few of the adjectives that describe a President people have lost faith in.  His approval ratings have dropped and the optimize we had in January is waning rapidly.

What have we done?  The hope of the people is that our country and economy will strengthen not decline.   We can only hope that the clumsy start to his tenure will get better as this country depends on it.