Happy people do not want to destroy themselves.  Happy people don’t feel the need to escape life.  They don’t turn to destructive means to cope.  They don’t feel the need to self-medicate.  They don’t want to hurt others.

These people live in a small world and feel trapped…they are out of touch with reality.  Their minds have succumbed to the small life they live.  They have chosen to dwell in only what they know and have experienced.

Unhappy people simply need to re-connect with the real world…a world that is full of possibility and change…with a new vision of how to re-create life.  They need to experience good things and good feelings.  They need to love themselves and practice self-care.  They need to focus on a better attitude.  They need to be in control of themselves and their life.

It’s a big world out there with so much more than what you are living

For every minute of your life you choose to be happy or miserable…

it is a choice