Last night I went to my favorite place to dance…dance being one of my passions.  Actually its line dancing…something I never thought I’d be interested in, but now I’m addicted (this is a healthy addiction!).  It’s a night of dance, music, good friends and I feel comfortably at ease there.  (This is a good comfortable…not the kind of comfortable where people acquiesce to staying in a relationship or situation they are unhappy in…or worse,  but are too afraid to leave…even when the change will bring a new and better life.  That kind of fear is immobilizing).

As usual, I had a great time because I go without any expectation other than having a good time.

This started me thinking about deservedness.

 When I think about how this life is all we have and is cut shorter by one day every day, the old adage “what are you waiting for” comes to mind. 

As some of you already know, I started my program and websites after a series of adversities that plagued me since early childhood.  Throughout my years of study I had two life-altering epiphanies that solidified in my mind that we are in control of our destiny

The first epiphany was that, no matter what adversities have happened to us, we don’t have to suffer for the rest of our lives.  Part of this kind of suffering comes from the long-held limiting thoughts we believe about ourselves and our lifestyle.  These thoughts we perceive as the truth are actually lies and illusions.  When we believe our limiting thoughts, we suffer.  When we choose not to believe limiting or negative thoughts, we find freedom, hope and new life.  People many times live in a box with their thoughts without ever expanding to new possibilities.

The second epiphany I experienced was that we really are in control of our lives.  If you are not in control of your life, life is just happening to you, and you are unhappy with the life you live…it’s your fault.  This is where unrealistic fear rears its ugly face and keeps you a prisoner in your own world.

So since we only go round once, you have to honor who you are, stand up to the adversity and say I matter, and I am not going to give in to this”.  I want more and I want better.  I deserve to be happy, abundant and fulfilled.”