Imagine getting to the end of your life. What thoughts would you have?  In a recent article from people who were at the end of their lives, they shared their regrets.  So, what were they?

That they didn’t go after their dreams

That they didn’t love

That they didn’t forgive

And I would add to that

That they didn’t live the way they wanted

We put our dreams on hold because of the routines and responsibilities of life. 

We don’t go after the love we want because we fear rejection or a broken heart.

We don’t forgive because it’s easier to ignore.  Sometimes to forgive is hard, especially when the wrong is extreme. 

And we don’t live the life we want because we’re afraid or simply don’t make the effort. 

And so, at the end of our life, we regret.

It’s never too late to change any of these.

Here are some things to start with…

Open up to opportunity

Say no to things you don’t want to do and don’t have to do

Pay attention to your intuition…intuition is clairvoyant

Don’t wait to do what you want

Don’t spend time in any situation you are unhappy

Say “I love you” more

Don’t let negative emotions make your decisions

You know what your want…go after it

And did I mention…Don’t wait…