About Velinda

Hello, I’m Velinda

“This book was born many years ago one long night before a surgery as a Letter to My Children…in case I didn’t come home.  I thought…if I died in surgery, I would never have had the chance to say goodbye to my children.   So I stayed up all night and wrote…about life, not about goodbye.  Then I put my letter away for almost twenty years.  My life needed more wisdom before finishing the book, so fate gave me a deeper experience recently.  For the last eight years I have been living what was to slowly hone me into who I have become…later in life.  Later is always better than never, however, in my book I expound on the fulfilling meaning that comes from tapping into your talents and passions sooner than later. My book is about what took me a lifetime to experience, years to discern, the last eight years to endure, and over two years to write.”  Velinda

Originally written only for my children, my book received such positive feedback from people who read it as to encourage me to publish and share it with the public. Recently published on Kindle in February 2012, and receiving 4 stars in review from IndieReader  Discovery Awards, my book continues to receive powerful feedback from people in all walks of life.

To prepare for the new life that was eventually to come, I had to first experience an unexpected major life changing event.  Never mind all the childhood struggles, this crushing life crisis was painfully worse and lasted way too long.  However, as these seemingly devastating storms usually are, this turn of events was actually the pathway into the life I had been searching for.  There is always opportunity in adversity, but we are frequently so buried in simply getting through that we don’t recognize the change in destiny that has opened up to us.  During these years, I engulfed myself in learning and reading everything I could about overcoming, rebuilding, spirituality, and a holistically positive way of life.  I read from the best of the best authors whose own struggles changed them and their lives for the better.  Their inspirational words and advice was invaluable, and I found in reading I had the ability to change my life with what I learned.  I also realized that through books, we could reach multitudes of people in need with our message.

People all want to be happy, have meaningful lives, find love and make a difference.  Sometimes when life turns on us, we feel those dreams are gone forever.  But out of the shadows of heartbreak comes life and beautiful transformation.  With the misfortunes we experience and the emotional depth that comes from the storms of life, we are able to know ourselves better and our destiny becomes apparent possibly for the first time.  This is when life finally falls together and we go in the direction we are meant to.

Please join me on this journey of starting over. 

What has been in your life up till now
has nothing to do with what still can be.

Velinda Peyton