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TOXIC PEOPLE, ENABLING AND LETTING GO…OR NOT By:  Velinda Peyton I decided to write this article because it is on my mind…the difference between what people believe to be enabling, helping,  or the… Continue reading


  “When you’re 18, you care about what everyone thinks about you.  When you’re 40, you care about what some of the people thinks about you.  When you’re 60 you don’t care what… Continue reading

A Healthy Relationship IS:

One in which you don’t worry about whether he is going to call…you know he will You don’t feel that anxiety and worry about the relationship You don’t feel like spying on the… Continue reading

Surround Yourself with People Who Love You

Loving people don’t tear other people down and belittle them.  They encourage them and lift them up. Surround yourself with people who love you and want the best for you The people who… Continue reading

Always Choose Respect

There will be times in your life when you have to choose between being loved and being respected.  Always pick being respected.  Love without respect is always fleeting… but respect can grow into… Continue reading

You Are Worth More…


What’s the Most Surprising Thing About Love?

Poets have written about amour and singers have been singing about love since Adam met Eve. As long as love has been around, it still has the power to amaze and thrill us.… Continue reading

With Intention, Attention, and These 11 Steps—Love Will Be Yours

  Recently, Arielle Ford presented an online Seminar about Soulmate Attraction.  I listened to this seminar and can sincerely say  it was one of the best relationship seminars I’ve heard.  This article is… Continue reading

Weathering the Teenage Storm

From Positively Positive by:  Michael Eisen For the past few years, through my organization Youth Wellness Network, I have had the privilege of empowering thousands of teenagers across North America. Combined with my… Continue reading

What I’ve Learned from Life…About Human Nature

That under everyone’s social mask is simply a human being waiting to connect with someone who will love and appreciate them.  

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