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Be Careful What You Say

“Death and Life are in the Power of the Tongue” Proverbs 18:21 Words you say that you don’t mean can leave a lasting impression on another person. The wrong thing said at the… Continue reading

Your Beautiful Heart has Suffered for so Long

From Christina Rasmussen at Second Firsts Your beautiful heart has suffered for so long.  It has been broken into so many pieces over and over again.  You have been betrayed, forgotten, ignored and… Continue reading

It’s Time to Get Back to What Matters

In this wealthy and abundant Country, we frequently take for granted the wonderful things we have.  We treat our loved ones with disrespect, we complain about minor issues, we get upset with strangers… Continue reading

Self-Compassion: Treating Yourself As You’d Treat a Good Friend

Kristin Neff…from Huffpost Healthy Living The golden rule tells us that we should treat others as we would want them to treat us. Maybe so, but hopefully we won’t treat them even half… Continue reading

9 Reasons Why You Should No Longer Care About Others’ Approval

From:  Purpose Fairy “A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.” Vernon Howard Approval Seeking Behavior… If you ask me, this… Continue reading

10 Reasons (Not) to Discuss Child Sexual Abuse in 2012

 By:  Jill Starishevsky I have heard them all.  I have heard all the reasons why parents don’t discuss child sexual abuse prevention with their children.  I have heard them so often that I… Continue reading

How to Know if it’s Real Love

By:  Martha Beck From   In a folktale that has been retold for centuries in many variations (one of which is Shakespeare’s King Lear), an elderly king asks his three daughters how… Continue reading

Divorce Advice From the Trenches

By:  Jane Ganahl Looking back on my divorce, now almost 20 years in the rearview mirror, I wish I’d gotten better advice. Given a dearth of “life after divorce” books in 1992, I… Continue reading

Every Parent’s Desire

“Practically everything we do as parents is motivated by a desire to see our children be happy. The good news is that there is much you can do to encourage them to discover… Continue reading

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