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 I suppose we will never know what could possibly cause a person to do something so horrific as yesterday’s shooting in Las Vegas…or the other shootings this country has experienced.  How could anyone… Continue reading


“Patience is a decision to stop struggling and go with the flow… to stop spinning your wheels on what isn’t working, to stop settling for less than what you want because you think… Continue reading


Faith is the eternal hope that gives life to miracles Faith is stronger than hope Faith removes limitation Faith is power Faith is healing Faith is the light in the dark Faith is… Continue reading


Love and Life

  Pursue what you love and you will find life.          

Surround Yourself with People Who Love You

Loving people don’t tear other people down and belittle them.  They encourage them and lift them up. Surround yourself with people who love you and want the best for you The people who… Continue reading

The Best Advice of the Day

  Without loving and valuing yourself, you will not be able to empower anyone else It all starts with YOU  

The Power of a Decision

The decisions we make shape our lives. Tony Robbins said that…and it is amazing just how powerful a decision is.  Decisions we make, good or bad, can change our direction so profoundly as… Continue reading

11 Practices for a Better Life

From Purpose Fairy “Transformation isn’t a Google download.” – Lisa Nichols Most of us want to improve our lives—laugh more, stress less, follow our bliss—but the *how* of transformation can feel overwhelming. Here… Continue reading

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