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If you wait for life to happen, it’s going to be a long wait.  You have to depend on yourself and make the effort to make life happen.

The Best of What We Have to Offer

 Sometimes we feel we have nothing to offer.  But the best things in life are always free.  If all you have to offer is life’s values such as love, kindness, friendship, there is… Continue reading

The Great Escape-Goat

The Great Escape-Goat:  Blaming is worthless. It does nothing to help resolve a situation. After you’ve decided whom to blame, you’ve still made no progress. Blaming is for people who do not want… Continue reading

It’s Time to Get Back to What Matters

In this wealthy and abundant Country, we frequently take for granted the wonderful things we have.  We treat our loved ones with disrespect, we complain about minor issues, we get upset with strangers… Continue reading

IndieReader Discovery Awards

I was very proud to receive an email yesterday that my book has made it to the top titles so far in the discovery awards on  IndieReader.  You can check out the list… Continue reading

Do You Believe in Miracles?

I do!  I’ve been the recipient of them and I’ve seen them.  I know miracles exits.  I’ve read that all you have to do is believe, ask for a miracle and it will… Continue reading

Today is the Beginning

I’ve learned that No matter what has happened or hasn’t happened to you in your life No matter how heartbreaking No matter what you lost No matter who deceived you No matter what… Continue reading

If you do not value me

If you do not appreciate, respect and value me, Then you do not deserve me And I will find someone who does

Attitude is Life, Life is Attitude

People with bad attitudes don’t get very far in life.  All things being equal, attitude wins.  To possess the right attitude is a commitment to yourself.  It is the same as vowing to… Continue reading


One seed can start a garden One smile can lift a spirit One candle can light a room One conversation can start a friendship One step can begin a journey One heart can… Continue reading

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