Custom Face Masks by Velinda

I am adding custom fabric gift bags made of the same fabric as the face masks.  Please see styles and options below.  (more info to come soon including pictures!)  All gift bags with have a solid color inside fabric and an outer select fabric.  Bags can be embellished with lace, trim or multiple fabric choices.  They come with ribbon or cording. 

How are my masks different?

It has been recommended by WHO and the CDC that face masks for the public (because most of us cannot afford or find the expensive ones) be made of cotton or other breathable material. The masks should “fit” the face for better protection that loose masks do not offer.  It is also recommended that two layers of fabric be used to allow for better protection.

All my masks are made from 100% preshrunk, new material cotton, breathable, washable, and reusable.  They are also reversible, offering two layers of fabric and a different design on each side. The masks fit without gaps to allow for protection and cover the face almost to the ears. They are not flat, which makes breathing easier. I custom make the masks and will even adjust, if necessary, to accommodate for face size differences.  As of September 2020, my design has changed to include adjustable ear loops (see new photo).  You can choose my old style with ear bands or the new style below with adjustable ear loops.

 Please look over my current selections and contact me here with your order.  The masks are $7 each and come in small/medium which is usually for a female face, or large/extra large which is usually for a male face.  I also have custom masks for children according to their age.

Thank you to all the people who trusted me with these orders at this very difficult time.  Stay safe, and know that this all will end someday…even though it doesn’t seem like it right now!!

Please make contact at 909-766-4450 or  

Christmas Fabric for Gift Bags:

Halloween and Valentine’s Day


New Fabrics

(since these are reversible, you can choose a different pattern for each side).  I also have solid black.

Popular Selections

For Men  (also black cotton)

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