This book is more than just advice to children about life.  It is an inner journey into breaking free from lifelong pain, realizing your worth, and that it is finally your time.  

There is a wonderful magnificence that comes with finding oneself, your potential, your purpose and the power to change your destiny into an amazing life.  Timeless, inspirational and transformational.


Things I’ve Learned from Life….by Velinda    A section from my book.  Check under categories


From the Chapter: “Attitude”  Attitude and You

The power of proper attitude is not a mystery.  You hear about it everywhere.  You read it in inspirational quotes, it’s drummed into us at success seminars, it’s all over the internet and even in movies. Yet all around me I meet and know people who are eternally grumpy and they seem to love it!  These selfish people complain constantly about insignificant little things that really don’t matter and how life has always closed in on them.  Well the only reason for their misfortune is their pessimistic attitude!  If you want to be happy and want to grab for everything life has to offer, you have got to unload past baggage, bad attitude or anything that does not serve you well. Bad thoughts harm only you and make life miserable. You have to make the cold, hard decision to say “so what” to yesterday and begin anew today.

 Think about the good in you. Good thoughts have to become a habitual way of thinking.  When you have mastered your internal thoughts in a positive way, you have mastered your life. My whole point is this.  What if…you could erase all the lack and all the bad?  What if you didn’t have to dwell in the land of gloom for the rest of your life and could actually be happy?  What if you could make your dreams come true, find the love of your life, be an inspiration to other people, and love yourself?  Well, there’s no if…you can!  If through all the quotes, comments and research stated in Attitude it has not been instilled in you that positive attitude can transform and enrich your life, then perhaps you should put this book down and give up! 

 “Just because you once believed something…for maybe a lifetime, doesn’t mean you have to continue believing it now”  Velinda

From the Chapter: “You First  Every Person Has A Talent

“There is someone out there looking for exactly what you have to offer and exactly who you are”  Velinda

 Ask yourself…What would I really do if I knew I couldn’t fail?” What is it that I do better than anyone else?

 I believe that every human being is born with a talent…that special gift, magic, individual talent that makes them unique.  You have a place where you belong in this world.  A place and talent you can use that gives you a sense of purpose.  Without knowing your internal desires, talents and passions, you drift and never feel you belong or are making a difference.  Pay attention to that inner voice that reveals your true nature and passions.

From the Chapter:  “People and Relationships… Heaven or Hell on Earth”

The Seasons of Relationships:  One of the most profound realizations I was compelled to accept is that life is a journey of people who come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime and then leave.   I see today with my children this shifting of relationships to moving on and endings.  The best friends we had growing up moved on to bring us new best friends and new adventures to experience.  The love relationships that open up our hearts just to shut them down are preparing us for more love.  The chance meeting with that extraordinary person, who is simply passing through, crossed your path for a reason.  The neighbors and work friends whom we felt blessed to know and work with, move on to where they were meant to go. Our precious animals, who warm our hearts and then bring our tears when they leave, multiply our meaning while they are with us. These relationships are all beautiful and are our seasons or reasons to enjoy while they are here, even if their leaving breaks our heart.  Even the people who irritate us or try perhaps to destroy us are sent at the perfect time to teach us something we desperately need to know.

 Our family is our lifetime relationships. If they leave us prematurely, we experience deep pain and miss them forever. Fortunately, for most of us, they stay for a long lifetime to share the most meaningful of love and memories.  And in addition to our family there are a few people who come into our life that also stay a lifetime.  Usually we can count on one hand these treasured friends.

 Know which category each cherished relationship falls into so their time of departure is understood and accepted for what it is. These are the seasons of relationships…beautiful and heartbreaking both.  Like life itself, our relationships are constantly changing and flowing with the River so we can grab it all and enjoy them while they are here. It doesn’t get any better than our relationships, so treat them well, love them deeply, enjoy every moment and then let go.  This is our River called Life!