Financial and Retirement Consulting

“Real financial freedom is taking control of your financial life”

My name is Velinda Peyton and I am a semi-retired financial and retirement consultant. My services are appropriate for people of all ages.  What I offer is a flat hourly fee to analyze your current financial situation and advise direction. I have no affiliation with financial companies, do not recommend financial companies, do not receive referral fees to recommend persons or companies or have any association with products sold. Therefore, my advice is neutral and focused only for your benefit.

My Philosophy:  I spent thirteen years working for an outstanding Fortune 500 Life Insurance and Investment Company as a Financial Consultant.  I saw people struggle financially from early in their lives even into retirement.  There was no need for that if they had done financial planning early in their adult life.  Some people are good at financial matters, but most of the people I worked with were not.  Financial issues cause immense stress and even divorce, and have become a common issue with seniors who have reached retirement and are still struggling financial. It is simply not necessary with some proper planning and action.

My Background:  The company I worked for was a fraternal Life Insurance and Financial Services company that sold financial products.  I am experienced in life-insurance, annuities, health and disability insurance, long-term care coverage, estate planning, and investments and retirement planning.  I also have knowledge of wills and trusts.

Licensed Realtor:  I am currently a licensed Realtor since 2008.  Real Estate is another area of expertise.  Real Estate and Financial Planning are both part of a complete financial portfolio.

My Passion:  My passion is writing, and I have written two books.  In my last book, I talk about my past career as a financial consultant and what I learned.  This advice is appropriate for any age with basic steps that everyone should take to start and secure a financial plan and future.

My Book:  In 2015, I published my second book, What Real Financial Freedom is, How to Stop Living and Struggling without Enough Money”.  You can access my book at Amazon by clicking on the title above.  I guarantee everyone will learn something valuable from my book that will help you in your financial life.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Have all information about your accounts, amounts, etc.  Include life insurance, retirement accounts, value of home, debts, etc., and if you have a trust or will.  Everything is important.

For your privacy: you do not need to advise the financial company or account numbers your accounts are with, only the type of accounts and amounts.  I take no personal information from you that could infiltrate your personal security such as social security numbers.  I do not need to know this information.  I do not ask for any other fees other than my hourly fee to consult with you, unless you request a print-out of recommendations.

 Fees and Services

Initial fee is $50 an hour (if within reasonable distance from my home) or $60 for travel.