Future Vision

 In “my story” I highlight on the struggles I had from early childhood and throughout life and my constant search for answers.  I know of people from young adults to seniors who are searching still for their purpose and to make a difference.  We all aspire to leave a legacy and to contribute. In the book I am currently writing, I will be sharing the wisdom, experiences and triumphs of people who have overcome extreme adversity, changed their lives, or finally reached for their dreams and want to share their stories.  In my one on one personal interviews, I am accumulating a wealth of “life” from the people who are giving to this effort and allowing me to share what they have to say.  We all have something to say that needs to be shared. These heartfelt stories are deeply inspiring and testimony to our humanitarian spirit to contribute to a better life.


If you would like to play a part with your own personal story, wisdom, losses and grief, triumphs and starting over, please contact me at this website.  If you would like to guest blog a positive experience of starting over on my site, please send me a brief summary of your story and I will contact you for a more in depth interview.  Remember you insight is invaluable…share it please!