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      23rd Birthday

Heyy There, I’m Jenna

First and foremost, I think the one thing everyone would agree about me is that I talk a lot!  Even my Mom tells me I wear her out because I talk way too much, and my bro tells me that I need to marry someone who is deaf!  Not kool!

It seems whenever my friends are looking for or need relationship advice, I am the one they always call, go to, or text.  They love the fact that I am optimistic, positive and, no matter what, a realist and straight up.  

I’ve been a hairstylist for five years now and I love doing hair!  Some of my favorite things are animals, my pets, anything cheetah or leopard print, being adventurous, traveling, dancing, cooking and eating…MmMmMm…Sushi!  I’m always open to new ideas and trying new things.  I love being spontaneous, giving nice compliments to people and most of all talking…did I mention that?!  I have two cats, Ninja and Shadow, and my Mom has a cat and dog. 

I’m going to be sharing a thing or two about this thing called Life for my generation…also known as Jenna’s Life Philosophy.  You can reach me here under contact.  Just address it to me.


Ninja…Angel’s Fan