Today is the Day I Start Over

“When you step up to life and say here I am, life will step up to you and say take me” Velinda No More Waiting No more over planning, over thinking or getting… Continue reading

Nine Ways You Can Help Yourself Through Depression

  By:  Velinda Peyton I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t suffered from depression at some time in their life.  Depression can be anything from a natural reaction to a difficult situation… Continue reading

The Problem is not the Problem

Many times, what I write about is in direct response to someone I know who is dealing with an issue.  This is one of them… The day you ACCEPT that your problems are… Continue reading

12 Blessons

We’ve arrived in 2013! We are here and all is well despite the many projections of fear that came from the end of the Mayan calendar. For sure, it is the end of… Continue reading

The Power of a Decision

The decisions we make shape our lives. Tony Robbins said that…and it is amazing just how powerful a decision is.  Decisions we make, good or bad, can change our direction so profoundly as… Continue reading


By Joyce Sequichie Hifler From the book:  Cherokee Feast of Days It is written that where there’s a will there’s away. If a desire is sincere and the results are for the good… Continue reading

What I’ve Learned From Life…About Wisdom

“Don’t ignore the wisdom of experience.  We learn best from people who have been there.” Velinda

Why Affirmations Work

From:  Just listen to your body and Louise Hay! From Heal Your Life Published: March 5, 2013  by Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D. The healing power of intuition. Healing the mind and… Continue reading

4 (Totally Surprising) Life Lessons We All Need to Learn

 Researcher Brené Brown, the woman behind the TED video seen round the world, explains why things we believe will turn around everything are…well…just plain wrong By Brené Brown From  As unique as… Continue reading

11 Practices for a Better Life

From Purpose Fairy “Transformation isn’t a Google download.” – Lisa Nichols Most of us want to improve our lives—laugh more, stress less, follow our bliss—but the *how* of transformation can feel overwhelming. Here… Continue reading

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