The Freedom of Discipline

I’m always amazed at people who believe that discipline and freedom are separate. Discipline is freedom. Discipline is about doing the right thing and avoiding the inevitable consequences of not doing the right… Continue reading

A Mother’s Lesson

Last night my son arrived home from Colorado where he spent the summer with friends. Timeout from his home and family was a needed break for all of us!  At 21 he was… Continue reading

You Have to Take Your Power Back

You have to take your power back…you can’t allow yourself to become powerless to your circumstances. When adversity strikes, you can do one of two things with it. You can let it destroy… Continue reading

What I’ve Learned From Life…About Starting Over

I wrote this for one of my son’s friends who is starting over with his life and thought I’d share it… I know you say you are changed and have learned the lessons… Continue reading

The Truth about Luck

From :  Neil Schwartz “You cannot see what you don’t look for and you cannot look for what you don’t believe in”  Neil Schwartz When Sir Richard Branson was asked what he felt… Continue reading

This Brand New Day

“Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves” James M. Barrie This Brand New Day


Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend that prompted me to type this article.  I think this is a very important subject, but the world doesn’t seem to be getting the message.… Continue reading

Freedom Isn’t Free

  I often write about teenage and young adult issues because I hear so many stories from my own kids about their friends.  Yesterday my son was telling me this story of what… Continue reading

10 Life Laws

By: Hyrum Smith Inner peace is the transcendent feeling of fulfillment and personal well-being which comes whenever a person is living their life in conformity with their inner core values. The simple concept… Continue reading

With Intention, Attention, and These 11 Steps—Love Will Be Yours

  Recently, Arielle Ford presented an online Seminar about Soulmate Attraction.  I listened to this seminar and can sincerely say  it was one of the best relationship seminars I’ve heard.  This article is… Continue reading

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