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This has been a long time coming…but later is better than never.  This website was started in February 2012 with the publishing of my first book “This River Called Life, A Letter to My Children” featured here on the site.

With the publishing of my book, I resolved to live up to the theme of what I wrote about and take my life in a whole new direction.  I aspire to write books that offer encouragement, inspiration and motivation…for people to finally make that long-awaited change of destiny.  Life is about You and your unique journey…your dreams, believing in yourself, knowing you can make a difference and creating a life of passion and purpose.  My mission is to offer timeless insight for what still can be. This mission is about starting over at any age and taking control of your destiny instead of accepting what life lays in your lap. 

I originally wrote my book for my children as a way to reach them…now and long after I’m gone.  At the ages my children were when I started getting serious about writing, I wouldn’t have been able to get through to them if I paid them to listen to me!   They were teenagers then and, well, for anyone who has had teenagers…enough said!

But more importantly I love to write and express myself in this way.  I also fortunately or unfortunately…depending on how one looks at it, had a lifetime of hardship, growth, and overcoming that led to profound wisdom I wanted to share.  On my journey I met many people who were struggling with life…some because they couldn’t put it together and some because their life had met with tragedy that turned their world around.  I knew that what I had to share could help them.  Life is not easy, and I know that more than most people. 

My Story

When I was a child I was on my own most of the time and mostly raised myself.  At the age of three, my father abducted my one year old brother and myself and we lived like homeless nomads for five years traveling constantly from cheap hotel to similar housing.  We had no medical care, sporadic schooling, and sometimes there was no food to eat.  We had no friends or family, no life like most people knew.  We also were neglected, frequently left alone and many times left to stay in foster care or children’s homes.  I could go on and on.  During these years, we never saw our mother and didn’t even know we had a mother.  She finally caught up with us through private investigators and we were subsequently placed into a wonderful children’s home in Altadena, California for nearly three years.  When I was almost eleven, we left the home to live with my mother and my new step-father in a small but lovely home in Long Beach, California where we spent the rest of our childhood years. 

Our new lifestyle was a welcome change from the deprived and neglected lifestyle of our early years, but this new world was not without adversity.  My mother was bi-polar and suffered from bouts of paranoia schizophrenia.  As a child I did not understand her health issues and living with her was a whole new challenging adjustment.  Today, I know how much she must have struggled and how hard she tried.  And I also know how much she loved us to keep fighting until she was able to provide us with a home and a life.

When I was on my own in my young adult years, I didn’t have the basics most people step out into the world with…and I struggled immensely because of it.  I was constantly searching for “answers”. Today after a lifetime of devotion to finding a better way to help others who also experienced life as I did, I decided to write my book and start this site.  My goal is to inspire, encourage and instill in people hope…to see the reasons, the opportunities and the life that still is there no matter what you have been through or how long you may have waited.  Therefore, this site, my book and my future books are a way to share with others what I’ve learned.  With the experiences I’ve had and the wisdom I’ve gained, I guarantee everyone who reads my book and interacts with this site will get something out of it that will benefit your life. Now If I could just get my kids to read my book!

I encourage you to share your stories. The reason for this site is you.  Mostly my quest is to share about overcoming and creating a beautiful life in spite of where you started from and the obstacles that may have kept you from living a happy life.  Please submit any stories you would like to share under contact me.

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