All I Know is This…

Don't give up

by:  Velinda Peyton

There are times in life when you may feel nothing is going right no matter how hard you are trying.  These painful times may last for years…where you feel the circumstances change form but nothing gets better.  And the longer and harder the trials, the more inclined you are to give up. 

But…remember…nothing lasts forever no matter how long it may be before you see the sun again.  Change is inevitable and in that change is new life even though it may not be apparent that new life is what is evolving.   Look back at where you came from and notice how the changes have made a difference that has enhanced your life in some way. Look for the lessons, the wisdom, and the new person you have become.  That new person is likely gentler, deeper, more compassionate and more humbled by their trials. There is a transformation that is exactly what you needed to have happen.  However, life is so much about perspective, so be careful how you think and pull the positive from your situation.

Practice good thoughts

There is magic in being grateful for what you do have.  Often gratefulness alone can change your mood.  Always have faith. Always have faith by reassuring yourself that life will get better.  Have faith that you deserve for life to get better.  That you deserve for your dreams to come true.  That you deserve for your difficult times to end. That you deserve to have loving, enriching relationships. That you deserve to have peace of mind. That you deserve to have a meaningful life.

Stay positive and focused and don’t let negative, self-defeating thoughts weave into your vision.  For it is in the darkest of moments that the dawn is breaking.  It is in that moment of “I can’t do this anymore” that your trials are ending.  It is when you want to succumb to giving up that you are almost there with one more try.  You open one more door, and there it is.  You take one more step, and that’s the one. You ask one more time, and the answer is yes.

All I know is this:

What other choice do you have to believe that life will turn out well?  What other choice do you have but to keep trying? There’s no reward in giving up.  Life is not easy, but giving up is death. What other choice do you have but to have faith that it is all working out for the greater good?

When you have tried your best, then you need to relax in the knowing that your best will come to fruition.   Remember the 90/10 principle, that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you do with what happens to you.  Yes, life is a series of rollercoaster experiences, and some are heartbreaking.  But, it always gets better unless you give up.  You are the only one who is responsible for your life.  You are always in control of your decisions and your destiny.   You can take those decisions anywhere you want.

So for all of you who feel like giving up, remember the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly. 

Your butterfly is about to emerge. 

The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself. ~ Wallace Wattles

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