What Real Financial Freedom Is…How to Stop Living and Struggling Without Enough Money

I spent thirteen years working for an outstanding Fortune 500 Life Insurance and Investment Company as a Financial Consultant.  I worked with people who had struggled financially from early in their lives into retirement.  Many of these people made enough money to control their financial lives, however, through bad habits and failing to plan, they continued to struggle. I met with people who were a few years away from retiring and had nothing but social security to depend on.  These people were frantic as to what to do to save/invest for retirement at the last minute. There was no need for that kind of financial destruction had they done financial planning early in their adult life.  Some people are good at financial matters, but most of the people I worked with were not.  Financial issues cause immense stress and even divorce, and have become a common issue with seniors who have reached retirement and are still struggling financial. It is simply not necessary with some proper planning and action. 

These meetings were not always easy.  Although I would make viable recommendations to clients as to what they needed to do to attain their goals, and keep them out of financial ruin, they did not always take my advice.  In fact, way too many did nothing. I could tell endless stories of the excuses people would use.  Those excuses hurt them.  And way too many of these clients valued “spending” as a way of life.  I thus realized that one of the greatest financial disasters people destroy their financial lives with is the spendaholic/chargeaholic mentality too many people thrive on.

When I would meet with my clients and introduce the products that would help them attain their financial goals, I learned that most people had little knowledge of the financial resources available to them to do so.  Limited knowledge of the stock market was predominant.  People knew about they stock market but were either afraid of it or didn’t know enough about the stock market to feel comfortable investing in it.

People would ask me, “what is a mutual fund”, “what is an annuity anyway”? I remember walking away from an appointment one day, and I made a commitment to myself that day that I would someday write a book explaining the basic financial fundamentals and products available to people to start on the road to sound financial planning.

This is that book

In 2015, I published my second book, “What Real Financial Freedom Is…How to Stop Living and Struggling Without Enough Money”, which is available on amazon as an e-book.  (click the title for the link).

The information in my book is applicable for anyone of any age to get you started in the right direction to securing your financial life.  The book is only 79 pages and loaded with information that will help you understand what is important and what you need to do to get you on the right track towards your financial goals.  However, nothing works unless you follow a plan and make a commitment to yourself to do the recommended planning.