Let’s All Stop Whining Forever

Okay…I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been whining lately about little things…things of which I have control over (which is even worse!).  So the Universe gave me a needed slap down and I got sick for a few days.  Recovering from illness is always the time I think about what’s important in life and define priorities. Then this morning I read a touching article from Positively Positive (Cancer Took my Leg, Not my Spirit) about a woman who found out she had cancer at the age of 15 and the years of trials she went through to recovery.  I think the Universe knows what we need and this article was timely.  I thought about how some people are given 1,000 times more hardship to go through than most of us. And yet we taint our lives by allowing insignificant little irritations to dampen our spirit and rob us of happiness.

 So…think about this today.  Can you see, hear, feel, walk, talk?  Do you have loved ones, do you have pets, are you healthy, do you have a job (if not, it’s out there), do you have a home, friends, clothes, food, freedom…life?  I do…and I’m so grateful that what gives my life meaning is right here in this world with me.

I’ve known people who have lost a child….which has got to be the greatest pain on earth, loved ones prematurely, lost everything meaningful to them through divorce or tragedy, lost their health, been involved in devastating accidents that turned their worlds around…and through it all I’ve always realized how grateful I am to have the life I do.

What we always have available to us, even if we do encounter trials and tragedy is the ability to change anything for the better.  Never forget the infinite possibility of your mind to make miraculous decisions that can do everything from healing disease to manifesting life. So think about the fact that you have life, tomorrow, and a world full of opportunity and people yet to meet. 

Let’s all stop whining forever about the little things that are simply called life, and instead start appreciating the beautiful life that we have.  Most of us have so much to be grateful for and little real adversity compared to others.  And when adversity happens, we have the chance to change anything for the better if we want to.